Any number and variety of applications can be built on top of the RChain Platform that provide a decentralized public compute utility. These include, for example:

  • Wallets
  • Exchanges
  • Oracles & External Adapters
  • Custom Protocols
  • Smart Contracts
  • Smart Properties
  • DAOs
  • Social Networks
  • Marketplaces

Contract Development & Deployment

The purpose of this next discussion is to illustrate how namespaces allow for heterogeneous deployment of contracts and contract state. Namespaces is one of the crucial features for sharding, and with that we get the benefits analogous of sidechains, private chains, consortium chains, as well as the distinction between test and production, all under one rubric.

For example, the following diagram depicts some of the possible development, test, and deployment configurations and considerations, and how release management is enabled using namespaces and sharding.


Figure - Development & Deployment Possibilities

We’ll collaborate with IDE tool vendors to integrate Rholang and validation tools.